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Boc Choy Delight
veggie stir fry image
* 2 tablespoons olive oil
* 4 stalks of bok choy, chopped
* 1/2 cup mushrooms, chopped
* 1/2 cup red bell pepper, chopped
* 4 or 5 broccoli rosettes
* 4 tablespoons La Choy Original Stir Fry Sauce
* 2 cups rice (white or brown), cooked
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Guide To Vegan Cooking
Basic Ingredients For the Kitchen

Let's face it, plant based recipes have some strange ingredients that many of us have never heard of. If you are new to this eating style, here is a little help for the basic's you need in your kitchen. You do not need to stock up on all this list at one time. Just add a little periodically.

* Brown rice
* Egg Replacer (Ener-G or Bob's Red Mill)
* Whole-grain baking mixes
* Meat substitutes (chicken, hamburger, sausage)
* Whole-grain bread
* Sugar substitutes (agave syrup, sucanat, stevia)
* Milk substitute (soy, almond, rice, hemp)

Why I am a Vegan: Amy's Journey

I have always had compassion for animals so I was never comfortable eating them. But I did not know anything about living on a plant based diet. Years ago I toyed with the idea of being a vegetarian but I had no idea how to prepare any plant based recipes beyond a salad. Then I came across a vegan recipe book titled "The Kind Diet" and it changed my life.


Beans and Rice

beans and rice image

Here's the trick...cook a big pot of beans and freeze cup size portions. Then when you want this dish just start the rice cooking while the beans are defrosting. Ready in a jiffy and so good. Oh...and these are not just your everyday beans. These beans have flavor to spare.

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Invited To Dinner by a Non-Vegan? What To Do

As a vegan it can be very awkward when invited to a dinner prepared by a meat eater. To sit at someone else's table and refuse to eat anything your host has prepared could be viewed as rather rude.

So, the first rule is: always make sure your host knows you are vegan. Since many people do not understand exactly what we eat, explain that you are on a plant based diet. You need not go into your love of animals or environmental and health concerns. Offer to bring a plant based dish for all to share.

At the dinner, eat the dish you brought and other items at the table such as salads and vegetables. Above all do not express disapproval of the non-vegan food your host is eating. You are a guest and it is not the time or place to discuss your lifestyle.

However if you are asked about your diet, answer questions simply and honestly. Try not to elaborate too much. If you portray vegan food as simply a choice like any other kind of food choice it will not be a big deal. Then just enjoy the company and look forward to future invitations.

"Meet Your Meat" Video

tears image

This video depicts what goes on every day in the factory farm food industry. There are no actors, no rehearsed scenes in this film. Just real people caught with hidden cameras doing what they do day after day. The cruelty and senseless suffering imposed on these innocent creatures is horrifying.

If you are not a vegan and have the courage to watch this to the end, what you see will stay with you forever and likely change your life.


Be aware that this video is very disturbing and is not suitable for children.

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Hidden Animal Ingredients

As vegans we become accustomed to reading the ingredient labels of prepared, packaged processed foods. However, many ingredients that are derived from animals have names we do not recognize. Obviously the food industry does this on purpose. After all, who is going to buy a product that says it contains skin, cartilage and bones from animals (as in gelatin...Jello).

Here is a short list of the more common secret ingredients vegans should be aware of:

Albumen - from eggs
Casein - milk proteins often found in items marked 'non-dairy'
Cochineal/Carmine - a coloring agent made from ground up beetles
Calcium Stearate - a mineral usually derived from hogs and cattle
Gelatin - protein from animal bones, cartilage, tendons, and skin
Glycerides (monoglyceride/diglyceride/triglyceride) - from animal fats
Ghee - milk derivative
more hidden animal ingredients...

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